The Lake Powell Pipeline will waste at least $3 billion of Utah taxpayer money that will never be repaid, while burdening Washington and Kane County residents with massive increases in water rates, impact fees and property taxes.  The lobbyists behind the Lake Powell Pipeline have led a campaign to hide these costs and the impacts to ratepayers in Washington County and taxpayers across Utah.  Are your elected officials being deceived?

Hidden $3.2 Billion Price Tag 

The Lake Powell Pipeline is the largest new spending proposal in the State of Utah.  In spite of repeated requests from the public to know the full cost of the unnecessary Pipeline, project spending advocates refuse to provide an updated cost estimate for the Lake Powell Pipeline.  In response to one request by the federal government, the state agency proposing $3 billion in new spending claimed it had until 90 days before construction started to reveal its payment plan for the pipeline.  That was the Utah Division of Water Resources.  Most suspect the Division’s refusal to be transparent stems from these lobbyists’ desire to hide the project cost from the public.

An analysis of a similar pipeline constructed in 2016 by Colorado Springs, the Southern Delivery System, reveals that Lake Powell Pipeline lobbyists are hiding a massive $3.2 billion price tag from the public.  This is because the Lake Powell Pipeline is substantially larger than the Southern Delivery System and requires far more infrastructure.